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The Weekly Update for HRINFO,
no. 117Third year7 July 2006 - 13 July 2006
Amman Center for Human Rights Studies, The Arabic network for Elections (founded one month ago as the first Arabic network interested in monitoring elections ever) and International Studies Center of Baghdad University held a seminar on Election Statuses theoretically and their developments on both national and regional levels in cooperation with fifty researcher from eleven Arab nations. Sources

Amman Center for Human Rights StudiesMore information on Jordan page:
The 31 years-old Abass Abd Ali is the latest name on the list of regime's arrogance and corruption victims. Masked persons attacked him in various parts of his body using wooden sticks, and did not leave him until he lost consciousness.Female Petition Committee of Bahrain is in the process of filing a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council and other international and regional organizations having jurisdiction over the appointments of women in the era of political reform and tribal and racial standards adopted by the Bahraini government on such assignments. Sources
Bahrain Youth for Human Rights Association
Female Petition C0mmitteeMore information on Bahrain page:
"Powers without borders: torture practiced by military security in Algeria" was the title of a report issued by Amnesty International on conditions in Algeria. The report mentioned that beatings, hanging, electric shocks and forced ingestion of dirty water, urine and chemicals are only some of the techniques used continuously by security forces in Algeria with prisoners; where torture at the hands of military security in Algeria at the hands of the inquiry and security in the secret detention centers without the giving access to independent lawyers and doctors or meeting family members or any civil authority. Sources
Amnesty InternationalMore information on Algeria page:
An illegal prisoner, according to his wife's statements, was forced to stand up for four days with his own legs fettered and surrounded by a group of torturers who worked on beating him and insulting him. That is in addition to other inhuman conditions of prison. The International Committee for Political Prisoners called on investigating the complaints of torture, despite trials are not held yet.Benzert, Mater and Gandawia branches of The National Bond for Human Rights won its battle with regime security forces by opening the headquarter of seized Benzert branch. At the conclusion of the meeting attended by the representatives of the three branches and the official of "For Human Rights Organization", the path of strive was confirmed to be the sole guarantee for challenging all what the bond faces. Sources
International Association for Political PrisonersMore information on Tunisia page:
1980s file may never be closed unless the names of alive and lost detainees are announced and clarifying their destinies and places of their graves. Moreover their families must be reimbursed. The problem of Forced Immigration must be solved. Apology must be offered to the whole Syrian people for the crimes committed against it and practicing democratic reformations to prevent such incidents from taking place once again upon Law no. 49/1980 which is unique. These are some of the endless demands mentioned by The Syrian Commission for Human Rights, while commenting on the news-story of releasing 13 ex-members of Muslim Brotherhood group. Regime prisons receives Ms. Fidan Qumier (24) from Medan village and the young man Omar Gamal El-Talawi (18) from Hams after questioning him about the reason why he has a long beard. Dr. Aref Delila (64) is in bad health state due to being imprisoned in Syrian prisons since 2001. Added to such case of Aref are the cases of Ghaleb Amer (imprisoned since May 2006) and Habib Saleh in sole room, fifteen years ago. The spokesman of Defense Committees; Aktham Neissa was arrested at in Damascus airport.A human rights organization calls upon the Syrian commission to review the prevention from traveling punishment and takes the initiative to eliminate it. Sources
Follow-up Commission in the cases of detainees and exiles, civil rights and citizenship seekers
Syrian Organization for Human Rights (SAWASIA)
Syrian Commission for Human Rights More information on Syria page:
Palestinian Association for Human Rights invites all human rights associations and organizations in the world to immediately interfere to save one hundred Palestinian refugees in India and supporting their human issue, after the United Nations and the Higher Commission Of Refugees let them down. Sources
Palestinian Association for Human RightsMore information on Iraq page:
In Beit Lahia, Genen, Al-Shogaia, North strip, South strip there are no names of human s and places to be mentioned anymore. The best description for them now is organized massacres. In the war of complete murder, the best military equipments are used by the mean hands of murderers. Sources
National Association for Democracy and Law.
Conscience Foundation for Human Rights
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Al-Qudus Center for Democracy and Human RightsMore information on Palestine page:
Land Center warns against the repetition of Serando repetition in the affiliated villages to Pilla center, Kafr El-Sheikh governorate. The public Authority for Agricultural Reformation neglected their protection by proving their right to own the land. The Land Center issued report no. 48 of Economic and Social Rights series on female farmers' conditions and unified labor law, in respect with their role in political participation. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expressed its deep sorrows towards the increase in the number of banning practices which leads to limiting the freedom of creativity upon the alleging that creative art works are a cover for political violations. The religious or political monitoring on human minds is subject to various interpretations by those who force it. Maat Center is concerned with the arrogance of some NDP parliamentary members against the Journalist Hosam Fadel of Al-Masry El-Youm newspaper who was beaten by them inside the parliament hall for doing his job. Sources

and Center
Egyptian Organization for Human Rights
Maat Center for Human RightsMore information on Egypt page:

The annual report of 2005 of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights included the fact that Justice and Compromise Authority worked for two years (Jan. 2004 - Nov. 2005) on the report without allowing comprehensive processing of violations committed against immigrants in Morocco. The report was concluded with recommendations; the most important of which are: human rights state emphasizes the need for a strong human rights movement to get closer to citizens' concerns to guarantee them some democracy. Moroccan Association for Human Rights and other civil rights organizations interested in advocating migrants' rights arranged for a rally in the occasion of holding "the Afro-European governmental conference on immigration and development" Sources
Moroccan Association for Human RightsMore information on Morocco page:
The public prosecutor fired the judge / Abdel Salam El-Sargy on the account of his noble situations in the crime of raping the child; Sausan. He was rejecting the situations of Omran prosecution for neglecting the case. In a report by Hud: Criminal Investigation Bureau tortured prisoners held in its affiliated prisons. The criminal investigation has turned into a bureau providing services to powerful officials by arresting whoever they want! Sources
Alshakaek Arabic Forum for Human Rights
National Authority for Rights and Liberties More information on Yemen page:
Regional and International
Amnesty International called upon the Egyptian Government not to enforce the new "Fighting Terrorism" Law which gives authority the power to torture and arbitrarily trial citizens. This is deemed a grieve violation of Human Rights under emergency law enforced since a long time ago. In a message for five Arab activists on direct war crimes committed under the slogan of fighting terrorism, and violating the international human law and the international legislation for human rights under the Israeli siege, they condemned repression and poverty which led to the appearance of some marginalized categories living on foreign finances and limiting its civil activities to a mere agenda. Should we remind that a large number of these centers has signed agreements on not to deal with US terrorist organizations. Sources
Amnesty International
Arabic Commission for Human RightsMore information on Regional and International page:
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information condemned the insistence of the Egyptian government and Parliament on overlooking the essential remarks of Journalists' Syndicate n respect with providing freedom of expression and protecting journalists against the sever amendments of press law discussed by parliament members.
Recently added organizations on HRinfo
Palestinian Society for Human Rights (Rased) ]Monitor[, based in Ein el-Helwa Camp- Sida- Lebanon. Rased is a non- governmental, non-profit independent organization, founded in the beginning of 2006 by a group of human rights activists defending human rights, refugees' rights and advocating for refugee issues.Rased's 3 key areas of interest:
1- Monitoring and documenting human rights violations2- Human Rights principals dissemination and education3- Research and Studies

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