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The Weekly Update for HRINFO,
no. 116Third year30 June 2006 - 6 June 2006
A conference on Criminal Justice and Human Rights was held under this title "The Required Strategies to Support Human Rights within the frame of Criminal Justice". The conference was concluded with the nine important recommendations, in Amman. A seminar on election systems organized by Amman Center for Human Rights Studies and the Arabic Network for Elections in cooperation with Baghdad University Center for International Studies was concluded. Attendees included fifty researchers from ten Arab countries; Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain and Algeria. Sources

Amman Center for Human Rights StudiesMore information on Jordan page:
Walid El-Sawi, Nofal Sasi, Amir Sharaf El-Din, MAhfouz Al-Sayadi, Walid Al-Ghadhab, Nadalat daughter of Mohamed Reda and her kid Hanin were among the victims who were kidnapped along the month of June. This happened without notifying their families with their imprisonment places or the reason why they were imprisoned. Security forces prevented activists from celebrating the day in solidarity with political prisoners. Concerning Palestinian affairs; The Tunisian Bond for Human Rights considered the democratic experiment in Palestine among the most important gains that should be kept and supported. This is a step forward for democracy in the Arab world. The bond condemned the use of slow murder tools (e.g. starvation, panic, terrorism, etc.) practiced by occupation forces in support of Zionism. Sources
International Association in Support of Political Prisoners
Tunisian Bond for Human RightsMore information on Tunisia page:
In its message addressed to African leaders who shall meet in the next African Summit, Human Rights Watch argued African Leaders to participate with more forces to protect civilians in Darfour and to argue Sudan to approve the existence of UN force in Darfour. In addition, they were demanded to call upon Senegal to trial the Chadian ex-president; Hussein Habri or to be refered to Belgium to be trialed for committing crimes against humanity. In the occasion of African Summit, Amnesty International called upon the international society to take the necessary measures to protect civilians in Eastern Chad against attacks coming from Sudan across the separating boundaries. Sources
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International More information on Sudan page:
This week; press releases of Syrian human rights organizations monitored the arbitrary arrests of six citizens in Halab. The detainees included a student from Al-Roka, a citizen from Adlab, a citizen form Tartos and the General Commissioner of Syria to The Social National party. Another press release included the attack on the office of Lawyer; Mr. Hassan Abdul Azim to eliminate a meeting held by Damascus Notification Authority. Another press release handled the economic and living conditions suffered by Syrian families; particularly in Al-Roqa governorate. The demand to release the detained poet and Medical Doctor; Dr. Mahmoud Sarekh was postponed. Another statement discussed the Palestinian conditions under the Israeli occupation and the negative role played by major western countries. The role of Egyptian authorities to restrict the freedom of expression is still one of the failure endeavourers of Arabian Regimes against Democracy. Sources
Arabic Organization for Human Rights
Syrian Organization for Human Rights
Syrian Commission for Human Rights
Committees for Democracy and Human Rights in SyriaMore information on Syria page:
The 27- years old Cameraman; Osama Qader was killed by anonymous gunmen. Sources
Press Liberties Monitor More information on Iraq page:
War of annihilation and destruction by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian people may never be transcribed into words; upon the daily monitors of Human Rights organizations. Sources
National Association for Democracy and Law
Conscience Foundation for Human Rights
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Al-Qudus Center for Democracy and Human RightsMore information on Palestine page:
In its press release; Human Rights Watch called upon Libyan government to conduct an independent investigation into the wide spread murders that took place at Abuseliem prison; Trabulus, 10 years ago. Sources
Human Rights Watch More information on Libya page:
For the second week, Egyptian human rights organizations discusses the imprisonment of journalists and attacking the freedom of expression in the occasion of sentencing Eldestour weekly newspaper editor; Ibrahim Essa and journalist Sahar Zaki Freedom of Expression and Intellect Foundation announced its complete solidarity with Mr. Abdallah Ibrahim Zatoni Ibrahim for being removed and overpass in recruitment of university faculty staff despite his merit. Cairo center condemned the suppressive practices of Syrian Authorities in its continuous campaigns against civil society activists, human rights strivers and coalition between regional and international organizations for Darfour (the center is a member). They sent a message to African Union President; Alfa Omar Konary, and to member countries presidents to announce the recommendations of "Peace and Justice" workshop. Sources
Democracy Development Group
Egyptian Association for Social Contribution More information on Egypt page:
Mostafa Larag; the local writer of Syndicate office affiliated to The National University was murdered and money other citizens were injured during the brutal intervention of police to suppress participants in the national rally launched by the National University of Local Labors and Employees. Sources
Moroccan Association for Human Rights
Akadir Group
Labor Culture Club
National Campaign of Graduates - Akadir Branch
Moroccan Union for Labors
Democratic Methodology Strivers More information on Morocco page:
Military trials by which the American Administration commenced the trials of Guantanamo prisoners, upon a claim raised by the lawyer of the Yemeni prisoner; Slaem Hmadan last year were proved tro be violating both US and International Laws. Hud organization demands conducting investigations into the murder of a citizen by security forces and followed up the claim raised against Republic President, six years ago. Sources" National Authority for Rights and Liberties AdvocacyMore information on Yemen page:
Regional and International
The purposeful attacks committed by Israeli forces against Palestinian infra-structure in Gaza representing War Crimes were condemned by Amnesty International and other Human Rights organizations. They also welcomed the essential results of the first seminar of "Human Rights Council" held in Geneva. Ten Human Rights non-governmental Organizations criticized the situation of Amnesty International towards Israeli POW crisis without referring to the position of Palestinian prisoners. Sources
Arabic Commission for Human Rights " Amnesty InternationalMore information on Regional and International page:
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